Semkon Food Pack supplies disposable food packaging products for daily use. We have been active in food packaging sector. The main products that SEMKON supplies are: Biodegradable or plastic cutlery, biodegradable or foam food containers, hinged containers and bio straws. Thus our product range includes the basic disposable usage goods for food packaging. So, most of our customers are likely to find the solution for their business.

Our company’s activities also includes biodegradable food packaging. Paying attention to environmental responsibilities, SEMKON has improvements on this. As a result of it, we widened our range with biodegradables. Likewise, we had many progress on biodegradable & compostable food packs. So this year we started to supply PLA food containers & straws and cPLA cutlery. Receiving positive feedbacks, we gained a remarkable position in this market.

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Solutions for Disposable Food Packaging

Disposable Food Packaging

Concerning with the sectoral needs, SEMKON keeps the hard work for bringing solutions. In this sense, we set up business partnerships. Then we spend our efforts to keep the quality of our service. As a result, we gained our still expanding export market, including more than 15 countries. Both our partnerships are indicating our stability with continuing collaborations.

We are keeping our hard work to make it easier for you. For this, we provides service with the innovativeness and customer focused approach. Also we will keep the regular improvements in service and product quality.

The goal of Semkon is to keep its position as a permanent supplier. In addition, to maintain among the reliable companies in the sector. To achieve this goal, it keeps the hard work to provide the best product and service and to keep the sustainable growth in the following period.

Focusing on the basis of quality, reliability and stability. Semkon is able to provide a high level, continuous service. As well as keeping the customer demands in the forefront, we concern the sectoral needs.